Sunset Park BK Green Industrial Resilient District (G.R.I.D. Plan)

Sunset Park BK Green Industrial Resilient District (G.R.I.D. Plan)
UPROSE - United Puerto Ricans of Sunset Park
POWWA - Protect Our Working Waterfront Alliance
Devyani Guha, Eva Hanhardt, Paula Luria Caplan, Martha Sickles
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Sunset Park, Brooklyn, N.Y.
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The Sunset Park industrial waterfront in Brooklyn is one of New York City’s largest industrial waterfronts with its only deep-water port. It is also home to the second-highest number of industrial jobs in New York City. Industry City is a 6.5 million square feet industrial campus on the waterfront.

In 2017, Industry City proposed a rezoning plan that would increase its footprint to add two hotels, academic uses, and larger retail and office spaces while preserving a token amount of industrial space. UPROSE engaged the Collective to analyze the Industry City rezoning proposal and to create an alternative plan that addresses UPROSE’s climate justice and economic development goals.