Bronx CD7 – Land Use and Zoning Study

Bronx CD7 – Land Use and Zoning Study
Community Board 7 Bronx
Paula Luria Caplan, Mercedes Narciso, Leslie F. Boden, Devyani Guha, Jocelyne Chait
Services & Activities
Urban Planning, Workshops
Bedford Park and Kingsbridge Heights, Bronx, N.Y.

The Collective conducted a study to assess land use and zoning patterns and developed a long-term vision for parts of Bedford Park and Kingsbridge Heights, in the Bronx with community input, resulting in recommendations to Community Board 7.

Bedford Park & Kingsbridge Heights

The study area covers portions of Bedford Park and Kingsbridge Heights. The population predominantly consists of residents of Hispanic origin (from many countries) with a diverse mixture of other ethnicities.  Both neighborhoods have lost population since 2007 and have higher unemployment and lower incomes than the Bronx overall.

CCCE’s study evaluates current zoning in the context of actual and desired density and uses. It considers the impact of new development on community character and on local infrastructures such as schools, streets, public transportation, and parks.  It also gauges opportunities for enhanced retail and services to benefit residents.

Community Visioning and Feedback Sessions

The Collective led a Visioning Session and a Feedback Session that engaged area residents and key stakeholders. The session’s major findings were that participants desire to preserve rather than alter community character and maintain the pockets of low-scale housing alongside higher density development; would like an expanded range of stores and services on commercial streets and more parking facilities; want more and well-maintained green spaces, as well as other types of public gathering places; programmatically, seek enhanced cultural activities, expanded school capacity and activities for youths, and services for the vulnerable population; and want improved public transportation.

The visions that were generated, along with the study findings, became the basis for CCCE’s implementable rezoning recommendations.