CCCE’s interdisciplinary collective of women professionals is committed to using our broad range of planning, design, and research skills on work at the nexus of Community, Culture, and Environment.

The qualifications of Collective for Community Culture and Environment, LLC Members (25) and Affiliates (5) can be found below:

Eve Baron – Community Planner and Chairperson of Pratt Institute’s Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment. Eve is an urban planner with fifteen years of New York City experience. At CCCE, Eve has worked on CCCE’s Two Bridges, Chinatown project, and the Prospect Lefferts Gardens Technical Assistance Study. She was also the Project Manager for the team engaged by LISC to conduct Community Visioning Workshops for the Mott Haven Choice Neighborhoods Initiative and was the lead on affordable housing for the Zoning and Land Use for the Plan for Chinatown and Surrounding Areas. She has also worked as a planner and policy analyst with the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office; was the recent past Director of the Municipal Art Society Planning Center and was Senior Fellow for Planning and Policy at the Pratt Center for Community Development. View Eve’s Resume

Patricia Barrera – Urban Planning and Affordable Housing Consultant. Patricia is an urban planner and community development practitioner with 20+ years of experience formulating and implementing strategies that catalyzed the transformation of New York City neighborhoods through the development of award-winning projects combining affordable housing, retail, community facility uses, and open space. Over the last 17 years, she spearheaded community-based planning initiatives resulting in the development of approx. 2,400 apartments. She has strong leadership skills and a proven ability to communicate and work with diverse audiences and stakeholders. She is a practical problem solver experienced in analyzing existing conditions, identifying needs, developing policies & solutions, and implementing plans with metrics monitoring. View Patricia’s Resume

Leslie F. Boden – Community Planning Consultant.  Leslie provides planning, program, and policy strategies and services to cultivate engaged, healthy, and equitable communities and sustainable food systems. In work with not-for-profit organizations, associations, and government agencies, Leslie has developed community health, community development, food, and primary health care programs, from research and concept development through fundraising and implementation, and has influenced policies and interagency strategy. She has designed and led community and strategic planning efforts and provides creative leadership in designing strategies and programs that reflect organization and community priorities. She has created strategic publications, training curricula, and capacity-building and educational tools. View Leslie’s Resume

Wendy Brawer – Sustainable Design, Mapping & Communications. With 20 years of experience in community mapping, sustainability design and communications, and map publication, Wendy is the founder and director of Green Map System, a locally-led mapping movement that has spread to 65 countries. Co-designer of award-winning icons, mapmaking, and engagement resources, Wendy has managed organizing, grants, and reporting while building the capacity of diverse municipalities, universities, tourism, and community groups. Her NYC Green Maps chart green living, climate, energy, and youth resources. She was the first Greening Consultant to the Times Square BID. Formerly Designer in Residence at Smithsonian National Design Museum, she’s a connector. Wendy recently co-developed NYC’s first certified Net-Zero Passive House building. She was appointed a TED resident in 2017.  View Wendy’s Resume

Meta Brunzema – Architect and Urban Designer. Meta is an architect and urban designer focusing on socially progressive, culturally rich, and climate-neutral design. Working with public agencies, non-profit organizations, and private clients, her designs foster resilience and re-ignite curiosity and meaningful engagement with the world. Her work includes large-scale re-zonings, waterfront developments, urban parks, promenades, and green infrastructure – as well as acupunctural public spaces. Her architectural work focuses on the design of sustainable buildings and interiors. View Meta’s Resume

Paula Luria Caplan – Urban Planning Consultant. Paula is a professional urban planner with over twenty-five years’ experience in varied aspects of planning and economic development. She has worked in the public and private sectors and presently heads PLC Urban Planning & Policy, a consultancy providing services in land use planning, zoning, economic development, community relations, advocacy, environmental review, public policy, and strategic planning. Prior to entering consulting practice, as Deputy Director of Planning and Development for the Bronx Borough President, she conducted major ULURP (Uniform Land Use Review Procedure) analyses, supervised the office’s ULURP process and served as the Borough President’s liaison to the City Planning Commission.  View Paula’s Resume

Jocelyne Chait – Community Planning Consultant. Jocelyne is an urban planning consultant focusing on community-based planning and sustainable development. Jocelyne has worked with local and citywide organizations and institutions, as well as public agencies, on a number of planning initiatives and research projects; she brings a holistic, integrative approach to urban development. Much of Jocelyne’s work for the past twenty years has focused on planning under Section 197-a of the New York City Charter, both in terms of developing plans with local communities and promoting a citywide community planning agenda. She has also provided technical assistance to community boards and local communities responding to proposed rezonings and development plans.  View Jocelyne’s Resume

Devyani Guha – Urban Planning Consultant.  Devyani is an Urban Planner with over 15 years of experience in community-based planning, affordable housing and healthcare, sustainability, and policy analysis and program development. She has provided technical assistance to numerous large and small local organizations and worked with governmental agencies and citywide and national organizations. From community involvement and needs assessments through program and project development and management with multiple stakeholders, she has assisted organizations and residents to articulate and realize their visions and raise funds through foundations and governmental agencies. She is also experienced in research, policy development, and analysis.  View Devyani’s Resume

Jill Hamberg – Urban Planner.  Jill is an urban planner specializing in applied research, evaluation, and policy analysis in the fields of housing, homelessness, and community needs assessment. She has taught for decades at New York City area colleges, including nineteen years at Empire State College / SUNY, and she is now a Visiting Professor at Pratt Institute in the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment. She also worked at universities in Latin America for four years. She has significant experience in providing technical assistance to community-based organizations and prepared a research guide on community organizing. View Jill’s Resume

Eva Hanhardt – City and Environmental Planning Consultant. Eva is a planning consultant with 40 years of experience and a member of the planning faculty at Pratt Institute. Eva’s work has centered on community-based and environmental planning. She was a planner at the NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the NYC Department of City Planning, where she authored the 1992 NYC Comprehensive Waterfront Plan and Zoning Text and the Hunter’s Point Special Mixed Use District. At the Municipal Art Society Planning Center, she managed the “ImagineNY” project, facilitating public participation in decisions about NYC’s recovery after 9/11.  View Eva’s Resume

Matea Kulusic – Real Estate Development & Architecture Consultant. Matea is a real-estate developer and architectural consultant devoted to creating socially, economically, and ecologically resilient communities through mixed-use developments. Her real-estate skills include financial modeling, proformas, construction draw schedules, real-estate market research, and affordable housing finance. She has five years of architectural design experience working on multifamily, office, and retail projects in New York City. Taking a holistic approach to the built environment, she is highly motivated, detail-oriented, and dedicated to solving complex projects. View Matea’s Resume

Zehra Kuz – Architecture & Environmental Design Consultant. Zehra is a registered Architect in New York State and in Connecticut.  A practicing Architect (since 1985) she is interested in the reciprocal relationships that exist between buildings, their inhabitants, and their physical environment wherein aspects of Social/Cultural, Formal, and Tectonic alternate for every project. Architecture as a result of interdisciplinary investigation in the context of ecology, social and physical infrastructures is the underlying concept throughout her work which oscillates between human-building and urban scales. View Zehra’s Resume

Radhi Majmudar – Structural Engineer and Business Strategist. Radhi has 30 years of experience in structural design, analysis, and project management of buildings, bridges, industrial and environmental structures, building envelope/façade engineering, and specialty glass structures. Her widespread involvement in creative, and often “first of its kind” structures, enabled architects to realize a vision that many initially would not think possible. Her technical expertise includes linear and nonlinear analysis (seismic and wind) of various structures namely long-span bridges, structural glass mainframe, and façade elements, and floating structures in the marine and coastal environment. View Radhi’s Resume

Mercedes Narciso – Urban Planning Consultant. Mercedes is a registered architect and urban planner with over 20 years of experience in New York City. With extensive practice in community planning, Mercedes has assisted numerous local organizations in the coordination and preparation of community-based plans, analysis of rezoning actions, and other environmental review processes, working closely with local stakeholders, institutions, city agencies, and elected officials. She served as a Co-project Manager for the Plan for Chinatown and Surrounding Areas, developed by the Collective in partnership with Pratt Center for the Chinatown Working Group.  View Mercedes’ Resume

Jina Porter – Planning Consultant and American Sign Language Interpreter.  Jina is a planning consultant who has worked with urban and rural municipalities, community groups, and non-profits and has facilitated multiple community engagement and visioning sessions. Her expertise in planning for disasters builds upon her thesis research on rural communities’ ability to mitigate the effects of natural disasters. Jina continues to work with the town of Woodbury Connecticut in an ongoing capacity to increase their resilience in the face of changing climate, disaster, and emergency scenarios. Jina has been an advocate for disability rights for over 20 years and is a nationally certified American Sign Language – English interpreter with more than 15 years of experience.  View Jina’s Resume

Beth B. Rosenthal – Community, Organizational, and Collaboration Development Consultant. Beth is a social entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience as a consultant to government, foundations, and nonprofits. Her firm, Collaboration and Change, LLC, designs and manages large-scale and single organization planning and change efforts, conducts research, needs/assets assessments, and policy analysis, and improves nonprofit organizational and collaboration capacity through customized training and project development View Beth’s Resume

Margaret Seip – Community Planning and Development Consultant. Peg is an urban planner specializing in community-based development through participatory strategies. She has worked to build parks and playgrounds, affordable housing, and comprehensive neighborhood service networks, providing technical support as well as direct project management. From community involvement and fundraising through design and construction, she has helped to build the capacity of young people and community residents, grassroots and non-profit organizations to identify, articulate, and implement their plans.  View Peg’s Resume

Ethel Sheffer – Planning Consultant. Ethel provides research services and advice in urban and community planning, community organization and development, the public review process, and on collaborations among government, nonprofits, and the private sector.  Since 2015, she has served as a Commissioner on the New York City Public Design Commission which reviews permanent works of architecture, landscape architecture, and art, proposed on or over City-owned property. Ethel served as President of the NY Metro Chapter of the American Planning Association from 2002-2008. View Ethel’s resume

Yvette Shiffman – Planning Consultant. Yvette is an urban planning consultant with more than forty years of experience in program development and management, technical assistance, and policy analysis in the field of housing and community development. Ms. Shiffman has worked in city government and with non-profit organizations, focusing on developing housing for low- and moderate-income residents, including creating innovative programs for tenant-initiated cooperatives and supportive housing facilities for the homeless. She managed rehabilitation projects for vacant and occupied city-owned housing in Manhattan and the Bronx, including a program for the rehabilitation of 1600 units of vacant city-owned property which were conveyed to non-profit owners and another for the rehabilitation and cooperative conversion of over 300 apartments for existing tenants through a mutual housing model. View Yvette’s Resume

Martha Sickles – Urban Planner and Energy Advisor.  Martha is a certified urban planner and energy consultant with 20 years of experience in sustainable community planning and development, government reform, change management, and civil society empowerment. She has managed complex programs and projects around the world, successfully engaging diverse groups to develop solutions to community problems and issues. View Martha’s Resume

Jamie Stein – Planning & Environmental Consultant.  Jaime is an Academic, Sustainability Consultant and Urban Researcher with more than 10 years of experience in advocating for sustainable communities through community engagement, sustainability planning, and policy analysis. Ms. Stein’s experience lies in leadership and management roles within multi-stakeholder projects. She has successfully managed many multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary projects wherein her leadership and communication skills have facilitated comprehensive and innovative deliverables. View Jamie’s Resume

Lacey Tauber – Community Planning & Policy Consultant. Lacey is a community planning, policy, and communications professional with 10+ years of experience in NYC. In addition to experience with many planning and historic preservation consulting projects, Lacey has expertise in participatory budgeting and political strategy. She worked as Legislative Director for City Councilmember Antonio Reynoso, where she managed the Bushwick Community Plan process, and in Government Affairs at the NYC Department of Housing, Preservation & Development. She is also a Visiting Assistant Professor in Pratt’s Graduate Center for Planning & the Environment. View Lacey’s Resume

Evren Uzer – Urban Planner. Evren is an Assistant Professor of Urban Planning at School of Design Strategies, Parsons The New School for Design. She is also affiliated with the University of Gothenburg (GU), School of Design and Crafts (HDK) in Sweden as a researcher. She co-founded a socially engaged art practice at the art collective roomservices. She recently completed a post-doctoral research project on heritage and activism at HDK. Her current research is related to ecologies of dissent, heritage activism, participatory methodologies, and the right to housing issues. View Evren’s Resume

Patricia Voltolini – Urban Planning Consultant. Patricia is an urban planner, researcher, and educator with expertise in local economic development, commercial and neighborhood revitalization both nationally and internationally. Her experience includes strategic and participatory planning efforts with CBOs, BIDs, and municipalities to promote neighborhood economic revitalization throughout the country, collaborations with street vendor groups to develop advocacy strategies, and assistance to various NYC organizations for zoning and planning actions. View Patricia’s Resume

Ayse Yonder – City Planning Professor and Consultant. Ayse is a tenured Professor of City Planning and former Chair of the Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment at Pratt Institute. Her work focuses on community development, disasters and resiliency planning, informal settlements regularization, and the role of arts and culture in urban development with a focus on gender issues. She has worked for over 20 years with the Huairou Commission, an international network of grassroots women’s organizations, on policy advocacy, technical support, and community engagement. In NYC, she has worked with community-based organizations through her studio courses and the Pratt Center for Community Development and helped organize community-visioning sessions.  View Ayse’s Resume

CCCE’s 5 Affiliates work on our Projects, Research and Advocacy.

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Amelia Amon – Solar Designer and Energy Consultant

Beth Bingham – Planning and Historic Preservation Consultant

Linda Cohen – Non-Profit Project Manager, Community Organizer, and Developer

Wendy Fleischer – Consultant – Community Development/Environment

Ellen Pollan – Non-Profit Arts Administrator