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We are a collective of women professionals committed to combining our broad range of expertise and skills with our vision for a more equitable and environmentally sustainable world.  We work together in an interdisciplinary way on projects that further economic resilience, cultural diversity, public health, social justice, and environmental sustainability.  We emphasize an approach that engages low- and moderate-income residents and communities to shape decisions about their environment and everyday life.

The fluid nature of our collective enables us to create a tailored team for each project, incorporating a range of expertise and experience.


  • Land use, environmental and preservation planning
  • Architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture
  • Educational/interpretive materials/presentations
  • GIS/ mapping
  • Policy analysis
  • Program development
  • Proposal, grant and report writing
  • Research and analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Place-based and spatial interventions
  • Legal skills
  • Graphic skills
  • Facilitation of participatory processes
  • International networking


  • Disaster response and mitigation
  • Community engagement and public process
  • Climate change and adaptation
  • Climateneutral urban and architectural design
  • Public art/ placemaking
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Community health
  • Community planning
  • Food systems
  • Green infrastructure